About the Play For Jake Foundation

Founded in 2013 by Julie West after the loss of her son, The Play For Jake Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in youth. Our hope is to save lives and help prevent this tragedy from happening to other families.

Through its efforts, The Play For Jake Foundation partners with schools to provide heart screenings for its students, as well as to raise funds and awareness around the importance of AEDs. 


In the wake of our tragedy, I channeled my grief into founding an organization that would ensure no other family would have to endure the pain that our family goes through daily. It is my hope that we can save lives through the work we’re doing at The Play For Jake Foundation.

About Jake West

Jake was a vibrant, outgoing 17-year-old who spent much of his free time on the football and lacrosse fields. He was a loving friend, brother and son who enjoyed being outside, had an affliction for Vans sneakers and a deep love for Arnold Palmer and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Jake was an active kid and played baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse over the years.

Every single routine health physical came back with no issue. There was no indication that Jake had a deadly heart condition that was a ticking time bomb and wouldn’t present itself in his yearly physicals until he passed away on the practice field. Help us make sure this never happens to another family again.

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